- Monday, May 27, 2013

Notes from the Interns: Week 1

From intern Nicole: 

Starting my internship at Cloud Nove Events has been extremely exciting. Everyone was so warm and welcoming. The team offered Kellianne and I some wine to celebrate and a bunch of cookies –which I decided to eat half the plate of. Not only were Regina, Patryk, Shekinah, and Carolina a team but they’re all close friends too.  They were full of laughs, helpful insight and great stories of when they first started. Listening to their own experiences was really amazing to be able to picture them as interns and see where they are now. Feeling the energy in the room when everyone was together instantly made me feel like this internship is going to be unique, fun and a great experience over all.

Even though I’m so nervous to take on the obstacles ahead of me I feel secure that I’ll have all the help that I need. When I first came to meet Regina to discuss the calendar of events and just hearing her speak about weddings, I literally thought to myself “Oh my God, I want to know everything that this woman knows”. I can’t wait to learn and obtain all the experience I can from Regina and the team. Working with knowledgeable but also really personable people is definitely comforting to know that I have a great opportunity in front of me. I’m excited for what’s to come and hopeful I don’t mess up! 

From intern Kellianne: 

My first week started out with a rainy Sunday afternoon meeting the CNE team. After discussing the nitty gritty details for the internship, we got to the fun stuff…well, the stuff I think is fun (the stuff that is giving Regina gray hair). When Regina handed me the list of weddings for the summer I couldn’t wait to discuss who was going to what wedding. I’m sure I will have further stories for my experiences at the weddings…hoping none that include horror.
My inspiration board this week was inspired by something I first saw on Pinterest (which is my addiction). CNE offers a great wedding shop, which is where I found a few of my things on my inspiration board for this week. My journey is just beginning in the wedding world and I can’t wait to learn what it has to offer for my future! 

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