- Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Little Borrowed Dress - LOVE

From Shekinah:

We want to share a FANTASTIC service that will keep your bridesmaids loving you even more than they already do! Little Borrowed Dress basically goes under the premise of “if groomsmen can rent their tuxes, why can’t the bridesmaids save a little money too?” After all, bridesmaids typically spend about $1,000 between the dress, alterations, jewelry, makeup, shower gifts, and party planning. Thank GOODNESS someone finally decided to give the bridesmaids a break!

I have to admit, I was a little skeptical before I checked their site out- but after reading it, I actually wish I did this for my bridesmaids. All dresses are universally flattering and-get this- need no alterations whatsoever. All dresses feature A-line skirts or empire waists (to take care of the hip sizes of most women). In addition, to accommodate for bust differences, all dresses have elastic in strategically placed points on the dress to provide additional room as needed. Finally, styles with straps are either adjustable straps, or in the case of a one shoulder piece, the straps can be tied to make the top as tight as needed.

You can try the dresses on in their New York City store, or, you can easily order online. What makes this company even more awesome is that will send you TWO sizes of your dress at no extra cost- just so you can choose the one that fits better. In addition, they send you an envelope with postage to make returning the dresses a breeze.

All dresses are high quality dresses made of silk, come in a variety of colors, are dry-cleaned in between each use, and are locally manufactured in New York City’s Garment District. Most importantly, your bridesmaids will consider you the coolest person ever for not making them buy yet another $200 dollar dress that will collect dust in the back of their closets.

So, get yourself over to www.littleborroweddress.com today!
Ps- you’re welcome J

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