- Monday, April 1, 2013

To light or not to light...

As wedding planners, we work with our clients on every detail of their event. This includes designing décor that will set the tone of the event, and help create the ambiance and feel our couples are looking for. One of the easiest and most affordable ways I’ve found to have significant impact is through event lighting. 

The right lighting can provide a stunningly elegant effect – but what’s important to remember is that the lighting should enhance and work with your space, not against it.   Uplighting is a series of lights that are set up around a room that light up the walls. LED lighting can be all one color or can be programmed to change colors. 

I’ve worked with some couples who selected Mansion style venues, and wonder if uplighting would create too much of a club atmosphere. Though it’s true that absolutely you could create that kind of mood, a soft blush single color uplighting can warm up a space and create a dramatic backdrop.  Lighting can also give an evening special feel to an afternoon event, or be used to incorporate the event’s theme and colors into a neutral space. 

Photo by Indigo foto

For all of my uplighting needs, my go to vendor is LMS Entertainment. Their equipment is top notch, and they really understand how to work best with a space to have the lighting enhance the event.  Here’s a wonderful example of a beautiful event space before and after uplighting:

Above photos by LMS Entertainment

Another lighting element that many couples are using now is a monogram/gobo. Mostly used as a monogram for the dance floor and photos, a gobo projection can also be used as a decorative element and placed on the wall or ceiling. You can see how we used snowflakes in the photo below, to bring a bit of the couple’s winter wonderland theme into their venue. 

Photo by Indigo foto

Lighting can be bold and dramatic, or soft and subtle. Either way it is a design element that I feel should be considered when envisioning any special event.  

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