- Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tale as old as time

For the past two months, Shekinah has been directing a production of "Beauty and the Beast" with 80 middle-school students. Since she's had Belle on the mind, this week she's prepared a "Beauty and the Beast” themed inspiration board for you.

From Skekinah: Use elements of the story, but don’t limit yourself to a literal interpretation when thinking of your decor (aka you don’t need cutouts of the characters). For a venue, I LOVE the idea of using the historic New York Public Library. Centerpieces can pay homage to Cogsworth, Lumiere, and Mrs. Potts with antique conglomerations of clocks , old books- or replicas of them , gold candelabras, mismatched teacups, and red roses in bell jars. Don’t forget a nod to Madame Grande de la Bouche by displaying escort cards and old photos on a gilded vanity. 

Bridal attendants could be in navy blue and light yellow/gold (like Belle and the Beast during their famous dance scene). Your food presentation should be outstanding with cloche-covered dishes and white glove service. Finally, make sure your dessert is just as spectacular with crepe-suzette or pudding en flambé. Bon appetite everyone!

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