- Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Le printemps

From Shekinah:
“Springtime in Paris”- it’s famous for a reason. Gorgeous  weather, a lush abundance of flowers, romantic softness, all steeped in the rich history of one of Europe’s most renowned cities. 

Flowers are the focus of your décor- peonies, ranunculus, french tulips, and cabbage roses as the main flowers with lilacs, hyacinth, and sweet pea as fillers.  Unify the florals by keeping it monochromatic or add a creamy neutral, and skip plain vases. Instead put them in vintage tea tins, antique perfume bottles  (how about using  Chanel No 5 bottles as bud vases?), or allow the flowers to peak through a birdcage. For fashion, the Bhldn dress is perfect for the bride, cream  or muted floral patterns for bridemaids, and cream suits for the groomsmen. Keep the food light and airy with seasonal entrees, a buttercream cake adorned with flowers, and pastel macarons for favors. C’est Magnifique!

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