- Monday, February 11, 2013

Origami Owl - telling your story with jewelry

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Rhonda Bavaro, and learning a bit more about the newest trend to the bridal market - Origami Owl

After seeing these adorable necklaces, I can easily say that that I (and everyone at Cloud Nove) is officially IN LOVE. These are fresh yet vintage, fun yet classy, and casual enough to wear everyday yet dressy enough to wear at any important occasion.

The best part of all is that each necklace tells a story- YOUR story. Or in this case, the story between you and your bridesmaid. Start off by choosing from a wide selection of charms. Maybe choose a  palm tree for the unforgettable spring break you had with your best friend or choose a cause ribbon to represent an event that brought your friendship closer than  you ever thought. There are a TON of options here so you can find the perfect combination to preserve your memories. 

Then choose from a number of lockets and chains, add some inspirational words that will stay with your friend forever (things like “Believe”, “laugh”, “love life”, “dream”), and add some finishing touches with some dangling charms (think mini Victorian keys, owls, hearts, pearls, etc). Then voila! A gorgeous truly one-of-a kind bridesmaid gift that your friend is guaranteed to love.

Rhonda was sweet enough to leave these two custom necklaces on display at our Cloud Nove studio for any of our clients who wanted to see these cuties in person.

Because there are so many options, these are also the perfect gifts for Moms, Mother-in-Laws, flowergirls- you name it. So what are you waiting for? Visit Origami Owl and talk to Rhonda about how to start telling your story with these lovely lockets. 

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  1. Regina - Thank you for the lovely article and for sharing Origami Owl with your subscribers. I would be happy to answer any questions about our jewelry. Please contact me at locketsncharms@yahoo.com.