- Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sex...After Marriage

So let’s be real for a minute. We can all easily admit that the main thing that distinguishes our Significant Other from any old friend is the fact that there’s a little certain… *ahem* chemistry.. that goes on whenever we’re around them. Usually, when dating is going on, it’s all grand. There’s romance, stuff happens that catches your heart, make you a little flustered, and (if you’re lucky) a little disheveled. Then why is it that we hear so many stories of romance and bedroom issues once two people are married?

This is where this After I Do comes in. Next month, After I Do’s Wedding Academy is hosting a Post-Marital Passion Workshop (just in time for Valentine’s Day- woohoo!). Experts from all over are going to dispel the myths of sex after marriage, give you honest advice about using intimacy as a tool to strengthen your marriage, and give you new and fresh ideas to build a lasting passionate relationship between you and your partner. Plus- you get to mingle with some of the leading professionals in the wedding industry while indulging on some amazing desserts (I just sold you with the dessert, didn’t I?). The event is on Sunday, February 10th, 2-5pm (notice how they’re ending early enough for you two to enjoy a night together afterwards) so sign up today!

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