- Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Shekinah's Inspired: LOTR

From intern Shekinah:
(editor's note: I was a little giddy to see this inspiration board. Just sayin'.)

This week’s inspiration board was so much fun! Anyone who knows me knows that I am beyond obsessed with the Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit. After seeing The Fellowship of the Ring for the first time, I saw all the midnight showings for every move(including The Hobbit this past week), I’ve watched the extended editions on the first day they were released, I’ve read the books numerous times, I actually took an honors Poli Sci course in college about the political and philosophical interpretations of Tolkein’s work— I just love everything about it.

So in honor of the long anticipated film release of The Hobbit, I offer you this week’s inspiration board: One giant Middle Earth Wedding (aka how I would have my wedding if I was marrying Orlando Bloom or Viggo Mortensen and could fly 150 people over to New Zealand to celebrate).

If you’re having your ceremony in a church, try to find the oldest one you can find- one with stone walls, high ceilings, and a ton of archways to make you feel like you’re getting married in Gondor (hey if you’re really excited about it, use white trees to frame the aisles as well). If you aren’t getting married at church, think of a wooded area or even a gorgeous gazebo that will make you feel like you’re getting married in Rivendell (that beautiful shot in the left hand corner is actually at Old Westbury Gardens). Wear ethereal dresses (like the Claire Pettibone dress on the bottom), or vests (a nod to the wonderful world of Hobbits). Finally a nice little touch would be to get each other Celtic wedding bands like the ones on the bottom right.

Then for the reception, it’s all about The Shire. Outdoors if you can,with bright wild flowers, paper lanterns, or how about those amazing glass lanterns in the trees? Your guests will also appreciate other little references to the movie like the “No Admittance ” sign and the Celebration banner. Instead of a regular guestbook, use a red leather book with “There and Back Again..Our Wedding Tale” inscribed on it. Drink to your toasts out of inscribed pint glasses, eat a ton, and end the night with fireworks (of course). Party to the wee hours of the morning, and then top off the whole celebration by treating your wedding party to a “day-after” breakfast… and second breakfast… and Elevensies. 

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