- Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Notes from an Intern: 6 month reflection

From our intern Shekinah:

Hello Everyone! Time has been flying by at Cloud Nove and I still can’t believe how much I am loving this experience. I also can’t believe that I’m almost done with the first six months of my internship. There have been some ups and downs, but I have learned SO much and this past month especially, I’ve been really able to reflect on my work. Although it’s taken me six months, I’m starting to realize how to make things work for me and how to prepare myself to be at my best for weddings.

For those of you who are new to this, let me tell you- the most important things that will make you successful when coordinating a client’s wedding are details and time. I know it sounds obvious, but it was definitely something I took for granted. For example, when Regina would tell me to really know my stuff, at first, I would look at the timeline, look for the stuff that I had to do, and memorize the things I had to do. I realized though, that it’s not just about what I have to do. I should have memorized (or as close to memorized as possible) what Patryk was doing so in case there was a switch, I would be prepared to take over. I should have memorized the times of when certain vendors were coming so that even if I wasn’t technically assigned to tasks related to them, I could take initiative in case Regina was handling something that was taking longer than expected and she wouldn’t have to ask me. It’s not just knowing your role- it’s knowing your role, everyone else’s roles, and how you all are connected to each other throughout the day.

This brings me to my next point that I mentioned- time. Now when I say you need time in order to be successful, I don’t mean spending time with a client. Of course you want to do that, but I mean you need time for yourself. You need time to meticulously look over all the contracts. You need time to see where the discrepancies are between the contracts and what your bride is telling you. You need time to figure out the most direct and succinct way of contacting vendors so you’re not sending them twenty emails with updates. You need time to memorize the timeline like I mentioned above. The time you put into each wedding is SO much more than what you spend with each bride, and all the time you put in will end up rewarding you when the wedding is successful, you feel in control, and your vendors appreciate your professionalism.

So yeah- major lessons learned in the past month (reflection is a wonderful thing) , and I’m excited to learn more throughout the next phase of the internship. There is more that I could write, but blogging as to take a little bit of a backseat- I have a timeline that needs memorizing =)

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