- Monday, October 22, 2012

Notes from an intern: Perfectly Imperfect

From intern Shekinah:

So the past few weeks have sort of been up and down for me. I mean- don’t get me wrong- I’ve been learning a lot, and Regina and Patryk have been fabulous- but to be really honest, the problem… is me. I’m going to let you in on another little secret about myself. 

I am probably the most impatient learner in the history of the world. I was always praised for getting things right the first time and to be honest, for better or for worse, it has kind of become part of my identity over the years. Now, here I am, exploring a new career… and well, at times… I’m finding it… hard. It’s not so much following the directions of what need to be done or doing the projects… it’s being in the events and thinking of everything- all the time. The weddings have been wonderful experiences but I’m starting to realize that even when I’m trying really hard, there still manages to be something that I forget or don’t think of. 

Prime example- we were at a wedding and I was doing really well in terms of having the timeline memorized and was trying my best to be more proactive in helping and seeing that certain details were taken care of. It was a small venue and we were only one room apart, so Regina choose for us not to wear our Motorolas.  However, the whole time, Regina was in another room trying texting me to help her with something… and seriously for the only time that day, my phone was in my bag. I completely forgot that I took it out of my pocket and put it in my purse to carry something and left it in there. 

It wasn’t an emergency- but it genuinely bothered me that I made the mistake. I brought it up with Regina and besides making me laugh, she also said something really important. It was basically “Ok, well you made the mistake… but now you learned a lesson, and now you won’t do it again and you’ll be better”. 

Although it still didn’t sit well with me for a few days, I finally realized she’s absolutely right. It’s the exact reason why it’s an internship and not employment. You’re supposed to learn, and there are going to be mistakes and it’s not always going to be easy.So for the next half of this internship, besides working on what I just said, I am also going to embrace this experience for what it is- a learning experience. Maybe it’s time for me to start accepting the advice I’ve blogged about to new planners before-That in order to be an experienced planner, you actually need to experience and learn. 

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