- Monday, October 1, 2012

Notes from an Intern: Enjoy the Experience

From our intern Shekinah:
As a musician, I have always found it hard to listen to music. Once I started heavily studying music, I could never “just” listen to music anymore.  I’m always analyzing it. Because I know what goes into making music, it’s even more amazing when I hear someone do it well or compose something that is so utterly gorgeous and so thoughtful that it just completely takes my breath away. That being said… as much as I appreciate the knowledge and I usually love the heightened experience it brings to my listening, every once in a while… I still just want to “just listen”.

When I started working for Regina, I went to a wedding and thought “hmmm… what would I have done differently?” I instantly freaked and thought “Oh no! Not this too!”  It’s not to say that the wedding wasn’t beautiful at all- but you do start looking with a more objective view. I have to admit that I was a little worried that the weddings would lose their “magic” for me over time (yeah I know... I’m a diehard romantic).

But then…. I went to one of my very good friend’s wedding this past weekend. She was my first friend that I made when I moved in 8th grade, and we have been dear friends ever since.  As I was watching them not being able to keep their eyes off each other, recite their own vows, and receive the recognition that they have fought for for so long, it dawned on me- that I was “just” enjoying the moment. That I wasn’t analyzing any facet of decorations (which were very pretty) or any little glitches. 

The fact that I was witnessing such an endearingly honest and emotional moment between the two of them trumped anything else that could have happened that night. It also made me realize that despite our awareness of everything that goes into planning the wedding, dealing with all the minutiae, and our natural instinct to problem solve when it comes to weddings, I can still just enjoy a wedding for what it is- a celebration of love, friendship, and devotion between two people who know that facing everything life has to offer (even the lows) will always be better with the other person at their side.

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