- Friday, October 5, 2012

Notes from an Intern: Design Consult

From our intern Shekinah:

Last week was actually a little slower at Cloud Nove (at least in comparison to the past couple of weekends). We’re getting ready for the Veil TV launch,  we had a final detailing for next week’s wedding, and I actually had a chance to sit in on my first D├ęcor consult. This was a bit different than the final detailing because obviously, it focused on the one thing, and I was also able to see how Regina takes care of things that are in the middle of being done (as opposed to just tying up loose ends and mapping everything out like in the final detailings).

One thing that I noticed (and it shouldn’t surprise me by now) is that Regina had a whole list of questions and points that needed to be addressed. It was obvious she did her homework ahead of time. She knew exactly what issues needed to be discussed, what needed to be decided, what needed to be followed up on, and what figures/costs needed to be worked out. She actually had months and months of emails saved from her clients which taught me a lesson (and take note fellow wedding planners)- even if you think it is the most mundane email or maybe something  that you would obviously remember, keep it anyway. Don’t delete it. There were things that even the bride forgot she mentioned or brought up and because Regina had those emails, she was able to pull them right away and not miss any detail. It also showed our bride that Regina was really watching out for her best interest and that she was definitely in the right hands. It definitely furthers the level of trust that a client has with you when you are that organized and detail oriented.

The other main thing that I noticed is that I was really able to see how Regina was able to 1) respect the bride’s budget, and 2) respect the bride’s style (and not push her own style onto her bride). In terms of the budget, Regina was great about saying “well do you really want it?” and if the Bride was sort of unsure or saying “maybe”, then Regina basically said “well that means you aren’t crazy about it. Why spend it if you really aren’t crazy about that idea?” Or if the bride said she didn’t want certain ceremony decorations, Regina was really good about validating what the bride felt. Of course, she would make some suggestions and use some logic why it might or might not work, but ultimately, she let the CLIENT tell her want she wanted. I thought that was great because I think as an event planner, it’s easy to get carried away with our own creativity and love of design. We always have to remember that although we are there to guide, it isn’t our wedding. This week definitely taught me that the best wedding planner is not only someone who has a great eye and style, but someone who can enhance and make the couple’s vision the best it could possibly be.

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