- Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fall Festivals: Shekinah's Inspired

Have a ceremony outside with fabric covered bales of hay, baskets of warm blankets for guests, and simple potted mums and other in-season fall flowers.
Have your reception in a barn and hang either paper lanterns or mason jars with votives in them from the rafters.
I love the look of cardigans with wedding or bridesmaid dresses. Find one that makes you feel pretty, and then you can actually enjoy taking your pictures because you’ll be warm.
Use unique containers for flowers like large milk jugs, produce crates, or even put several potted flowers in an antique wheelbarrow.
Use burlap for your main fabric (tables, banners, etc). You can even use it sparingly in your fashion like using it to wrap boutonnieres or giving your bridesmaids these beautiful Etsy clutches . Then, use one or two other small floral-print fabrics (like the ones on the jars) for accents.
Make sure your invitations and stationary matches the rustic fall festival look. The Cloud Nove store has a FANTASTIC stationery collection  (check out the invitation and table numbers with the farm drawings), and they have everything from place cards to labels to save the dates. They’re a great, easy way to incorporate the fall festival theme throughout your reception.
Use a few strong visual elements- like a large, distressed windowpane, an old barn door or section of wooden fence, or a rustic picnic table- and find ways to actually utilize them for your wedding. Use the windowpane and write a welcome message to guests. Use the door or fence and use that as a display board for your escort cards. Use the picnic table and create your own Viennese display with homemade fall pies and cobblers.
Speaking of food- what more inspiration can you ask then the flavors of fall? Serve butternut squash soup as an appetizer, serve hot apple cider with cinnamon sticks and cloves for your cocktail, and give your guests a “send off” treat of fresh apple-cider donuts.
You can get real creative with favors. You can either go the food route (pumpkin butter or fresh Vermont maple syrup  anyone?), or you can find something that is reminiscent of the homemade crafts that you find at a fall festival. For example, what about this little birdhouse  that says “love nest” on it? How cute is that? Or, send guests home with fall vegetable seed packets, and use these mini watering cans as containers for the favors. 

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