- Monday, October 8, 2012

Apple Green: Shekinah's Inspired

From our intern Shekinah:
To me, apples are one of the (many) things that just scream fall. However, this week I wanted to push my own creative envelope a little bit and go a little more modern with my color choices and styling. Granted I probably could (and will) make a rustic version of this in the next few weeks, but this week it’s about clean modern lines, a unique color combo, and playful accents.

I used an apple green and chocolate brown palate for this week’s inspiration board- apple green because it’s not used very often and definitely makes a statement and chocolate brown because it’s rich and luxurious and with the green, still makes reference to the fall. 

In general, I love chocolate brown as the main fabric or linen color.  For example, look at the Jim Hjelm bridesmaid dresses in the top corner, or the place setting and escort card display in the bottom corners. You don’t need a lot of green in order to make a statement. Also, although the apples for place cards and in the hurricane vase are definitely cute and you might want to do one of them, you also don’t have to be so literal with it and decorate every single thing with apples. For example, green button mums (in the boutonnieres, as pomanders, etc) the fun bridal bouquet with the lotus pods, or that wonderful table setting in the center with the patterned runner are beautiful (and there’s not one apple in any of those pictures). 

Low, warm lighting will keep this color combo from appearing too stark, and I found some fantastic finds this week. Our Cloud Nove store has these great leaf-imprinted, square votives  that have the slightest hint of green in them. Perfect for a fall wedding! Also in the top corner are some great options from Luna Bazaar- I love the idea of placing a spider mum in that glass budvase and the mixing of the playful green votives and the more classic mercury glass votives will provide a lot of visual interest for your guests.

For food, of course think of apple cider (or if you’re in the mood for a really good time... appletinis), mini caramel apples for dessert, and send your guests home these memorable “Falling in Love” and “Warm Wishes” apple cider packets

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