- Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Coopers Invitation Suite from Cloud Nove Events

From our intern Shekinah:

*Sigh* …the Coopers Invitation Suite from Cloud Nove. I absolutely adore this invitation suite. Our awesome invitation designer Carolina was inspired by Coopers Beach in Southampton, and it so perfectly fits this time of year. You know what time I’m talking about… it’s the last few summer days that we try to squeeze out of September. It’s the time where the days aren’t scorching hot, but give you that hope that there still might be one or two beach days left in the next few weeks. It’s those days where it’s still sunny, but the humidity starts dying out and there’s just the tiniest hint of chill in the air when the sun goes down and you need to throw on a sweatshirt as you sit on your deck and enjoy the last of the fireflies.

To me, this is what the Coopers Invitation Suite is all about. There’s still a hint of summer to it, but it’s a little faded… a little more subdued when compared to the bright, tropical colors that July and August inspire… and it gives a nod to the rich brown hues that fall is about to bring us. 

Use natural linen as your textile and give it a hint of elegance by finding light slate blue accents in a richer material, like satin. You can add that elegance in other details like using vintage broaches for your napkin rings and wrapping your favor boxes with that beautiful personalized gift wrap that Cloud Nove offers .  J. Crew makes the fantastic linen suit that your groom and groomsmen will use time and again, and how adorable are those bridemaid dresses with the brown cardigans? Once again, it’s that perfect transition between summer and fall- short hems in a lightweight fabric and a casual cardigan for when it gets chilly. For you, you can still wear a beachy wedding gown, but choose one that has a little more weight to it like the Allure gown in the left hand corner. 

Also, try considering something that most people overlook when planning their décor- contrast in textures. Contrast the distressed white chairs (which I love because it reminds me how boats and outdoor furniture look after they are well-loved and used in the summer) and the slate table numbers with lush flowers like hydrangeas and roses, and put soft sand and delicate shells in the mason jar.  You can even apply this concept to your cake by dusting the outside in soft confectioners’ sugar and then adding hard “sugar rocks” that look like washed up pebbles on the shore.

As you can see, there is SO much you can do with this idea so go and have a ball with it… but it’s very important to make sure you get your own first-hand inspiration first. Go take a “sick” day, get to the beach, and catch one of those last glorious days of summer. 

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