- Monday, September 17, 2012

Notes from An Intern: Detailings and Weddings and Timelines, Oh my!

From our intern Shekinah:

Last week was a ridiculously busy week at Cloud Nove. Two weddings in one weekend, starting to go into full drive for another event that’s happening in two weeks, setting up inventory in the office, another final detailing, working on a couple of projects for a wedding in a few months, attempting my first timeline, plus the usual tweets, blogging, and inspiration board (and that was only for me as an intern- Regina and Patryk probably have that times 100!). 

Needless to say, I could write a whole book based on some of the things I learned this week (and for the past couple of weeks for that matter) but I figured maybe it would be time to revisit my top ten list about what I’ve learned after this past week about wedding planning: 

  • Be prepared for changes. Yes, it may have been confirmed in the final detailing that something was supposed to happen at a certain time or be placed in a certain way. However, your client’s mind may change when they see what it really looks like or maybe things were misinterpreted in communication. It doesn’t matter. If it’s something that is important to them, change it (even if it did take a long time to set up and even if you have to move a little faster to get it done again).
  • Do it with a smile. Even if you’re tired or a little more stressed about fitting the new changes into your schedule, never show it. Remember- this is part of the job and the day is not about whether you are stressed or not. It’s about whether your clients are happy and without worry.
  • Be prepared to be asked (and accommodate) requests you never thought you would have been asked. Note: I don’t mean that as a bad thing, it’s just amusing when you find yourself in a situation where you’re thinking “Wow… never in my life did I think this is what part of being wedding planner is”.
  • Know your timeline. Well. Not only did I notice a complete difference in my productivity when I really started memorizing my timelines (which is what Regina suggested to me), but if you know your timeline well and know where you built extra time into it, you know how to adjust the schedule accordingly when the unexpected happens.
  • Apparently you lose weight while running around for 12 hours straight. Definitely not complaining about that one!
  • That being said, there are times when you seriously don’t have time to eat- make sure you pack your car with stuff so at least you can eat in between drives to places… and always hit up a Starbucks before you start your day.
  • Even the most coolest, laid-back brides are going to be a little nervous on their wedding day. Give them what they need- whether it’s a laugh, reassurance, or something as simple as a bagel.
  • Make friends with your vendors- and let them do their job.
  • Make sure your have some upper body strength to carry the bride’s train for two hours, fold up 300 chairs, carry boxes of bouquets and decorations… you get the idea
  • In the famous words of Tim Gunn (and words that we love at Cloud Nove): Make it Work.

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