- Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Notes from an 'engaged' intern: Part 3 of 3!

From our intern Shekinah:

Ok, so I am ending my little trilogy about the benefits of a full time coordinator with my own personal account. I have to admit that before I was hired as an intern, I sort of knew the importance of a full-time coordinator but I can honestly say (as I wince) that I didn’t fully understand the absolute necessity of one- especially as a bride on a strict budget.

Anyway, so as I started asking Regina some questions about my own wedding planning…it became more and more clear that I really didn’t know where to start. I didn’t how to budget for my own wedding in the sense that I didn’t know whether the vendor quotes were actually good because I just didn’t have any reference points. Is $2,000 good for a photographer? $4,000? Well what if the $4,000 one is the better one artistically but is ridiculously difficult to work with? After all, it’s not like I’ve been married fifty times before and can look at this objectively. How the heck does ANYONE know?

*Cue Superhero music* Enter… Regina! Yay!!!! Ok, so Regina was awesome enough to sit down with me and help me sort my thoughts… and my budget out. The first thing she did was ask what figure we were aiming for with our overall budget. She also asked me what was most important to us.
So with that in mind, she literally took two hours and went over every single expense with me. There were so many things I didn’t think of or know like how much bridal makeup and hair really cost or oh yeah… a marriage license for $40.00 would be considered part of the budget. I mean some people say well it’s only $40.00 BUT it adds up. Things like programs (even if you make them yourselves) are going to cost money. A card box- money. The tips for all the vendors- a lot of money. Oh wait, the groom gets accessories too? Yep, more money. Regina thought of every single expense so when we added everything up at the end, not only did I have a more realistic idea of what my wedding was going to cost, but I knew there was NO way I could go over budget because everything was thought of.

Regina also provided me with a variety of vendors in each category that would work with my budget and my style/personality. Now here’s one of the best things about Regina’s services. Regina doesn’t get any sort of commission or kickbacks from recommending certain vendors. There are no monetary ties or anything like that between her and them. As a result, you can trust that the vendors she’s suggesting are one that are good quality, easy to work with, and will align with what you want for your wedding.  She doesn’t just hand you a photocopied sheet a vendors and say here. She goes through them with you and why they would be good for you personally. She also knows what vendors to negotiate with so something that would normally be out of your reach would turn into something you can actually have.

By the end of our appointment, I seriously felt as if a weight was lifted from me. Everything made sense, I felt that I was in good hands, and instead of being stressed out and overwhelmed, I just felt happy and excited. It felt so good knowing that even if I didn’t have the budget of my dreams, I could still have the wedding of my dreams.

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