- Monday, August 6, 2012

Peach & Gold: Shekinah's Inspired

From intern Shekinah:

Alright, so how many of you had those one or two foods that you absolutely hated and refused to eat as a child and then magically rediscovered those foods twenty years later and realized you absolutely loved them? For me, those two foods were mustard…. And peaches. Yeah I really don’t understand my childhood logic either.  For years, it was hot dogs ONLY with ketchup, and no thank you, I would not like a peach- the fuzzies make my throat itch. Anyway, this past year, I have become obsessed with the flavor of peaches (maybe my body is making up for lost time?). Grilled peaches, peach preserves, peach-cilantro glaze on a pork tenderloin, Regina’s peach sangria. I am all about the peaches right now- which is why I present to you:

My Peach and Cream (and Gold) inspiration board. I love, love, love, love, LOVE this color theme. It is so soft and romantic. It makes me want to have 2 weddings (to the same person of course) just so I can have these colors in my wedding. First of all, how beautiful is that bride in the top row? I love that instead of opting for a white lace or white sheer cover up, she went with a gold sequin bolero . Even though that could be a “loud” option, it is so well-balanced with the softness of her makeup and hair (notice the subtle hint of peach in that  vintage hair comb ), that it works beautifully.

It’s that balance that works throughout the whole theme. Gold and glitzy can get overwhelming very easily, but the soft peach and cream tones it down enough to make it absolutely dreamy. For bridesmaid dresses, you can always go with peach like the girls on the bottom. However, what I like even better are those dresses that you see hanging. They are basically a light cream color, and then use a bouquet of lush garden roses to brighten up the pale dresses.

For centerpieces, once again think light cream and peach flowers that are soft and don’t have a stiff structure. Or, like the center photo, if you have the right linens, look how beautiful a simple bowl of peaches is for a centerpiece?

Food and favors are easy- homemade peach preserves in mini mason jars or mini peach pies to take home (get vintage packaging here ),  grilled peaches on arugula for a refreshing starter course, or for your signature cocktail, peach sangria. Just don’t ask Regina for her famous recipe. She may be forced to kill you. =)

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