- Friday, August 3, 2012

Notes from an Intern: Thoughts for Aspiring Planners

From intern Shekinah:

Well, another week flew by interning at Cloud Nove and this week actually focused on a lot of the business aspect of the being a wedding planner. Although some people may find that a little boring, I actually appreciated learning more about it. Here’s why.

The wedding industry is so “fluffed up” by our society and media so a lot of people have the misconception that wedding planning is all about having fun little get-togethers with the bride to make her feel like a princess, or having fun picking out which exact blue will perfectly off set the glorious hue of salmon that your bride wants and then finding the perfect bridesmaid dresses in that color that magically fits all the bridal party and then they ooh and ahh over how pretty the dress is, how amazing you are, and then want to be your best friend forever. Should I add riding off into the sunset to this image?

Anyway- I have learned over the past few weeks that it’s NOT all about that (and this is why I am so grateful for this internship). Let me put it this way- have any of you aspiring wedding planners honestly thought of these words/phrases at any point of your career daydreaming?
Overhead costs                                                                               
Mail Merge
Social Media Advertising                                               
Computer Database
Mobilizing your company’s website                         
Drafting professional letters

Yeah I didn’t think so (it’s okay- I didn’t think of them either). My point is that you can help your friends all you want and make as many inspiration boards as you want, but that makes wedding planning a hobby for you- not a profession. My advice to you? Get educated. Not through reading a book or taking a class, but through actually observing and taking a part in running a business. Get an internship with a wedding planner.  Ask a friend who owns a business if you can shadow them and learn about all the logistics that are involved with running your own business. Just get out there and learn through experience- you will be surprised (and happy) with what you find. 

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  1. Great post! I learned this the hard way this week when I took a paid position that I really shouldn't have. It was focused on the sales aspect of the industry and I was taken by surprise as to how much work is done just to close on a package.