- Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Notes from an 'engaged' intern: Part 2 of 3!

From our intern Shekinah:

So last week we started touching upon the huge discussion of “Why hire a full-time wedding coordinator?”  I've heard people say that they cost so much money, or that most are too inexperienced.

First of all, there seems to be this HUGE misconception that wedding planners make tens of thousands of dollars for every wedding that they plan. Uhm…. No. Not at all. 99% of wedding planners are not endorsed by TV stations, have their own show, and are so high in demand because of their name that they can charge $100,000 for their services. We KNOW that the average person can’t afford that- so what job would we have if we didn’t keep our prices reasonable? Also, if you pay for a good wedding planner, what you pay them will be less than the ridiculous amount that you will save, and you will get MORE than what you would have gotten if you planned it yourself. So you get more and you actually spend less… sounds good to me!

The second problem is that you have to be careful to hire an experienced event planner.  Experience will:
1.       Respect your budget
2.       try to work with vendors so you can come in under budget
3.       have enough connections with vendors so that even if they are usually more expensive, she can work something out with them so that you can still get what you want
4.       Be considerate of your priorities (and remind you of them when sometimes you start getting tempted by one more extra expense)
5.       Literally chart out EVERY single expense for you so that you know exactly what you’ll end up paying- no hidden expenses that add up at the end and you realized your 3,000 over budget because you forgot to include tips, your marriage license, gifts, and other little things in your planning.
6.       Give you OPTIONS of different vendors that will accommodate you and your fiancé’s budget, style, and personalities (talk more about that later too).
7.       DOESN’T  take over your wedding so you have no say and you feel like you had no part in your own wedding. It’s like we do the tedious work and stuff that stresses you out (like the phone calls and the price comparisons, and the contract negotiations) so then you actually do the fun parts of it- like visit the venues, or go to the tastings, or hear a band play somewhere.
8.       Help you streamline your overwhelmed,  stressed but super-excited, “Ahh I can’t believe I’m getting married-this is going to be awesome” thoughts into a logical plan of action so you can actually enjoy the whole process of wedding planning….
… which brings us full circle to why I met with Regina to help me with my own wedding planning (which you’ll finally hear about next week!)

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