- Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Notes from an 'engaged' intern: Part 1 of 3!

From our intern Shekinah:

I know.. I know…I said I wouldn’t constantly talk about my own wedding experience now that I’m engaged—BUT—I had such a great experience with Regina this past week and what I’m about to talk about isn’t just for newly engaged brides- it also has a lot to do with all of you wonderful wedding planners too.

I have to admit that even as someone who is learning how to plan weddings, I was completely overwhelmed when I started thinking about everything that needed to be paid for, booked, planned, etc. Also, as someone who is on a major budget, of course I want vendors at a reasonable price- but how much is that reasonable price at the expense of quality? With the over-inundated arena of wedding vendors how do you know that someone who is charging $2,000 for a service is just someone who caters to brides on a budget but still does amazing work or are they charging $2,000 because that’s the only way they can hook a client? How do you know what a good deal is?

This is where a FULL-TIME wedding planner is absolutely invaluable. If she is an EXPERIENCED planner, she has worked with a huge variety of vendors, has planned weddings for all different types of budgets, and has planned weddings with all different priorities. They will pay attention to your priorities, allow a little more money for those, and know where to take off money in other areas so that they’re still taken care of in a quality way but will save you some money. An inexperienced wedding planner may take your overall budget at a consultation and either say 1) You can’t do what you want with that budget, 2) the only way we can make this work is if you up your budget, or she may 3)Just automatically find the cheapest vendors (potentially ones that will give her commission if you choose them) regardless of whether they fit who you are as a couple- just so she can say she kept you under budget. If you ask me, that’s something you can do yourself. 

So now the big question is- why hire a wedding planner full time? Stay tuned until next week when you find out the answer J

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