- Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"My Heart is True as Steel"

From intern Shekinah:

This past week, my sister, her boyfriend, my fiancé, and I to Williamsburg, Virginia and we had a BLAST! Besides being a closet American Colonial History junkie (the Felicity American Girl Doll was on my Christmas list until about last year), I am also a 100% bona fide roller coaster fanatic. It was a long awaited match in heaven.

Anyway, at Busch Gardens they’ve been running this event called Illuminights where they cover the entire park with lights, have street performers, and end the night with fireworks. My fiancé and I were lucky enough to go and it was gorgeous. We were sitting in the Italian gardens, the flowers were fragrant, lights were twinkling everywhere, it was glorious… well maybe that was the funnel cake talking- but it completely inspired this week’s board:

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (which is a fantastic play and is also why we have that little random “here comes the bride” song). Basically, just think enchanted forest and lights. Lots of them.  Your venue should be outside ideally, but a venue that can showcase the night sky like the Palm House  at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens or the Winter Garden Pavilion at Fox Hollow could work just as well. Your dress should be completely ethereal like the Lazaro on the left and dress your bridesmaids in soft chiffon. Forgo a traditional veil and look for a delicate floral wreath like the one from Etsy on the right. Flower arrangements should be loosely structured and give your flower girls the dress up opportunity of their toddler lifetime with these adorable fairy dresses .  Hire a harpist for your ceremony, light the candles, and dance the starlit night away with your new love (I am sure Puck will approve).

“Here come the lovers, full of joy and mirth.— Joy, gentle friends! joy and fresh days of love accompany your hearts!” – William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream

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