- Friday, August 24, 2012

Beachside Wedding: Shekinah's Inspired

From our intern Shekinah:

Have you ever had those times in your lives where it seems like everything is pointing you in a certain direction? Like just little coincidences happen that either give you a hint to what you should be doing with your life or reaffirm a decision that you just made? Well, I didn’t really have that this week in terms of life changing epiphanies or anything like that… BUT I had a whole little series of events which directed me towards my inspiration board this week (I know…definitely not as dramatic as how I set up this whole blog intro haha).
First, I started looking through my old Aruba pictures from last year (*sigh* I want to go back). Then the next day, my friend told me that she just booked a cruise to the Bahamas. Then I find out Regina is a Sandals Certified Specialist . The day after that, my best friend was telling me all the details of her sister’s destination wedding in Aruba. Finally, I see Crest Hollow cocktail hour area for the first time, and I automatically think… yes, you guessed it- Caribbean destination wedding.  So here we go (and thank you to everyone who made this week’s inspiration so easy).

For tropical weddings, I LOVE white. Of course, you may want some pops of colors like turquoise or coral but because they are so bright, you really don’t need a lot to make a statement. In fact, although I’m usually ALL about color, to me, stark clean white on a beach that is naturally beautiful with crystal turquoise waters is the way to go. You don’t want to have your colors compete with the natural beauty of your surroundings- after all, that’s one of the main reasons why you picked your destination, right?
Keep yourself cool and comfortable in a dress like the Maggie Sottero one at the bottom- and make sure the fabric has movement for those amazing pictures you’re going to get! Do your groom and groomsmen a favor too and keep them in khakis too. Not only does it add to the look, but if you get to be comfy, so do they.
If you are going to add those pops of colors, make them meaningful like your bouquet, the cake, or your bridesmaid accessories like the necklace on the right. Get a steel drum or acoustic guitarist for your ceremony and cocktail hour and add a lounge area to maximize the vacation vibe of your wedding. Most importantly though, make sure you really kick back and enjoy the day too- destination weddings tend to be more intimate so you actually have a little more time to do that. Enjoy!!

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