- Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Shekinah's BIG News!!!

From intern Shekinah:

Well, once again my type-A plans about what I was going to write about this week have been COMPLETELY thrown by the wayside. Never fear though, it’s all for good reason (and by now, you know that as much I love to ramble, there is always a reason behind it). Anyway, so this past Saturday … *drum roll please*… I GOT ENGAGED!!! AHHHHHHHH!!
Ok, so now that is out of my system, yes- your Cloud Nove Intern is officially engaged… and yes, it was as sweet as it possibly could have been, and more importantly- it was perfect moment for us

Now don’t worry- I want to assure all of you that I am not going to turn into someone who tries to find the most random ways to incorporate something about my own wedding into every blog entry. I vow to not subject you to endless rants of not being able to find the perfect color socks to match the groomsmen’s navy suits and I won’t constantly update you on guest list drama (luckily, both of us have laid back families where it isn’t an issue). 

In fact, I was talking to my fiancĂ© (wow, I keep on wanting to type boyfriend still haha), and we both agreed that being a part of Cloud Nove right now is probably the best thing for me to do. Not because it’s helping us think outside the box or anything like that- but because in all honesty, it’s going to help me focus on something and involve myself with something that isn’t my wedding. It’s so easy to get SO wrapped up and stressed out about the minute details and every little bump along the road (*ahem* all the more reason to have a wedding planner by the way), that you almost lose a sense of normalcy after the wedding is all over. 

Are you supposed to be excited? Of course. Is it going to be one of the best days of your life? Absolutely. But to all you newly-engaged couples- just enjoy the ride and remember that after the one of the most incredible day of your life, is the rest of your life. So get excited. Go to Barnes and Noble and buy the entire row of bridal magazines. Drink every congratulatory bottle of Prosecco that someone gives you (not that I’m speaking from experience). BUT- still go out with your coworkers for happy hour. Still run that 5K that you started training for. And, if you’re me… still finish your weekly blogs on time. You’ll be glad that you did (and I’m sure your fiancĂ© will be glad too… and your bridal party… and your .. well you get the idea). 

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