- Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Notes from an Intern: Shekinah's Week Three

From intern Shekinah:
Over the years, I’ve gotten MUCH better with time management. However I can comfortably admit that time management was very much a LEARNED trait as opposed to one that came naturally to me. After one too many all-nighters in college (partly due to procrastination; partly due to the fact that I’m a perfectionist and need to be completely satisfied with my work), I finally decided that maybe there was something beneficial to this whole “managing my time” thing. Here’s what I learned over the years that actually made me have an easy week:

1.       Make a list of the tasks in order of priority. The inspiration board for the blog that’s due, as fun as it may be, shouldn’t be done before you research the answer that is needed for a bride’s consultation that’s also at the end of the week. Business and helping your clients come first. Plus we all know that we always spend MUCH more time than we allot for our inspiration boards just because they’re fun.

2.       Don’t multitask. I know some of you disagree with me and on long-term projects multitasking is actually better. However, when there are three days to get stuff done, just plow through the projects. Then you can feel better knowing that A, B, and C are done and you only need to do X,Y, and Z as opposed to freaking out and feeling overwhelmed that  A,B,C,X,Y,Z are only partly done and absolutely nothing is finished.

3.       Make a plan of how to use your free time- and stick to it. I knew that Monday night was gone because my sister was coming over for dinner, and most of Wednesday night was gone because of my summer choir rehearsal. As a result, all I had was Tuesday-which was clearly not enough time. So what did I do? Look for extra free time in my day. Did I have to talk to my co-workers for my entire hour lunch break? Or could they live without me for a half hour for the next three days? You get the idea.

4.       Remember- even when you are tired, you still just have to do it. So you may have to miss your usual Tuesday Zumba class. Or, you may have to get 5 hours of sleep for a night or two instead of 7. The biggest thing I learned when I had to really push myself to get things done is that there was going to be an eventual end to it. There WAS a light at the end of the tunnel. When you’re overtired and overwhelmed, it’s hard to remember that. Just reminding myself that it will be over in a week—and that it was okay to be a little cranky as long as I made sure I did the job well—made it much easier to deal with.

Now look at that… I’m officially done with my last assignment for the week…3.5 hours ahead of time. Case in point. 

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