- Friday, July 13, 2012

Clambake: Shekinah's Inspired

From our intern Shekinah:

So this past week I stopped by the fish market to treat myself to fresh mussels. As you all will soon learn, I LOVE to cook. This week’s adventure: Steamed mussels in a white wine broth (super easy recipe if any of you want it!). So I head back home, pour a glass of sauvignon blanc, start scrubbing my two pounds of mussels (which are only for me because my honey doesn’t eat them, but that’s beside the point), and of course.. my mind starts wandering. I start thinking of the yearly clambakes that my family has and how much all the generations look forward to it, how awesome the food looks all spread out, how we just use it as one of a billion excuses to get together and party… and BAM! It hits me- this week’s inspiration board!

This is a perfect summer wedding for those of you who are laid back. It’s intimate, low-maintenance, and a guaranteed great time for everyone. Start off with a color palate of navy, khaki or white, and coral. If you want, a few pops of yellow will work perfectly too.  Your dress should be light, delicate and something that you can walk around barefoot in- much like the Cymbeline dress in the middle of the bottom row. Because you’re keeping your dress simple, don’t be afraid for larger jewelry like the shell necklace on the bottom left-hand corner.
For the reception,  yes, I’m going to say it: forgo the flower centerpieces. Instead, think of lanterns, these adorable Adirondack chair tea light holders  from our store, driftwood, seashells and starfish, and simple nautical elements like rope tie napkin rings.
The key to this wedding is to make sure you and your guests can just kick back and have a good time. Simple additions like some wicker lounging areas, vintage coke bottles or lemonade in mason jars on ice  waiting for your guests, a bonfire at night—will ensure that your clambake wedding is a summer soiree to remember!
PS- how adorable are those "Just Married" flip flops  found right here at our Cloud Nove store? :)

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