- Thursday, July 5, 2012

1940's Glam: Shekinah's Inspired

From our intern Shekinah:

So, I have to tell you all a secret—one that my cousins and sister CONSTANTLY laugh at me for. Ok here it goes. My absolute favorite Sirius XM channel (and the one that takes the coveted number one spot on my radio presets) is….. “Sirius”ly Sinatra. That’s right. I said it. Alliteration and all. When I pick up my sister and my older cousin for a night out on the town, they are overcome with the exciting fist-pumping sounds of Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, and Nancy Wilson wafting out into the confines of my silver Chevy Malibu. They have tried interventions. I’m still holding strong.

Anyway, to relate all of this back to you wonderful people, this week I thought, “What better way to kick off my inspiration boards than with a 1940s glam theme?” It’s a theme with a perfect balance between classy reservation and playful drama. Plus, it’s another way for me to get my 40s fix. Alright, let me break this down for you:

I started with a color scheme of red, black, and silver/white. You DON’T have to go overboard with the theme, but think about pieces that make a statement. For example, check out the red and black bouquet- what a striking contrast against a white wedding gown! Speaking of wedding gowns, try a classic Hollywood bombshell dress like the Maggie Sottero dress on the left. The back is GORGEOUS… and just because I like you guys so much, I included a better picture of the front from this link to her website. For makeup and hair, think victory curls, birdcage veils, and use classic Hollywood stars like Rita Hayworth (one of my favorite) for inspiration. The men can don a more modern version (and less “costume-y”) version of a zoot suit by wearing a black pinstripe suit, and of course a fedora.
To jazz up (sorry, couldn’t resist) your table settings, use  damask linens, a few well placed pomanders, and some mercury glass votives and  black antique lanterns  to soften the look a little. For you people who like a little extra drama, a few well placed feathers in your centerpieces make a serious statement.
Keep your cake in check with the rest of the décor by giving your baker a sample swatch of your damask. They can easily replicate the design and you will have a much better idea of what your cake is going to look like ahead of time. Top with or a black satin ribbon for extra flair. Also, make sure you tell your cake designer to steam your fondant (yes I’m serious). Black fondant especially, has a tendency to look dull. Lightly steaming the fondant will create a shiny, glossed look that will emulate black satin.
For music, an obvious choice is a jazz combo during cocktail hour and a swing band for the reception. Many of bands will alternate with a DJ if you want to still want to mix up your music a bit, and you can even hire people to give a quick swing dance lesson to your guests at the end of the cocktail hour (this will also give you and your honey a minute to catch your breaths before the rest of the evening begins).
Lastly, arrive and depart from your wedding in a vintage Rolls Royce- just make sure it’s not so vintage that it doesn’t have an air conditioner :) 


  1. Something else to consider, if you like the idea of using a vintage Rolls as your means of transport:

    Vintage-era cars were not designed for current roadways (or speed limits, for that matter). Many of these cars aren't able to go over 50 or 55 mph, so make sure that you allow enough time in your day's itinerary to get from Point A to Point B. Asking the driver to "step on it" isn't really an option.