- Friday, June 29, 2012

Notes from an Intern: Shekinah's Week One

From our intern Shekinah:

Well after my first full week of interning, all I can really say is “Wow!”. This first week flew by and already I’m thinking in ways that I haven’t thought before and being exposed to parts of the industry that I never knew existed. By the way, to any clients or even potential interns, let me tell you one thing: Regina knows her stuff. We worked on setting up the new office (which looks amazing) and even though it wasn’t technically an event, I still took a lot away from just watching Regina in her element and working with her for those few hours. So to keep this entry from getting too long (and to maybe even amuse some of you), I decided to make a “top ten” list of what I learned from working with Regina this week:

10. As an intern, make photoshop your best friend. Quickly.

 9. In terms of design, even if you think you have an idea of how you want to decorate an area, still play around with it. You would be surprised with how many options you come up with and how many were even better than your original thought.

8. When planning any space (for example, your wedding), always make sure it is really true to who you are. You want to look back on pictures of what you created and smile. Fads come and go. You do not.

7.  It takes approximately 47 minutes to put batteries into a box of LED candles.

6. It takes approximately 47 seconds to put together a cupcake display (well a simple one at least).

5. When working with people to complete a large task, delegation is key. Know what you are good at completing by yourself, know other people’s strengths so they can be successful at the tasks you give them, and know when you need more than just yourself to get a job done.

4. A Bose system to play good music while you’re setting up for 6 hours is not a want. It’s a necessity.

3. From what I can tell, Cloud Nove is going to have some BEAUTIFUL weddings coming up in the next few months!

2. Regina makes very good turkey wraps.

1. Always look around you and BE INSPIRED!


  1. Great Post!!! Best Wishes Shekinah, and Regina you Rock!!