- Monday, June 11, 2012

Kate's Last and Most Inspired Post

From intern Kate:

I studied art in college and most of my life still revolves around my love of all things artistic. So, this week I did a wedding for an artist!

The dress I found on Etsy.com reminded me of the dress that Rachel McAdams wore in The Vow when she and Channing Tatum had an impromptu wedding ceremony in an art museum in Chicago, surrounded by beautiful paintings.
For place cards, you can try mini easels and tiny canvases. You can paint them yourself with some acrylic paints or even buy tiny paintings to put on your tables.  The table numbers featured can be made from basic frames and some creativity!
Connie Duglin has amazing table linens. These particular linens reminded me of different painting strokes. I couldn’t decide between a neutral French Vanilla color and the bolder purple.  If you can’t decided either, you can always try alternating tables betweens the two.
The rest of the d├ęcor choices should be bright and fun. Mini paper lanterns and tall, bright, lush centerpieces with lots of color and texture are an excellent way to reflect your artsy side. I’ve never been a big fan on the monogram idea, but I adore that the one I found was hand made out of monochromatic buttons.
I fell in love with the idea of different colored macaroons, making up the rainbow, as part of a wedding dessert selection. I also really enjoyed the rounded and multi colored petit fours that look like a painter’s palette.
Finally, a fun way to celebrate your love of art at your wedding, and also to entertain your guest, is with a caricature artist!
Go forth, and make beauty!

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