- Friday, June 8, 2012

Coney Island: Kate's Inspired

From intern Kate:

In the spirit of carnival and summer fairs, I did a Coney Island theme inspiration board this week.

I started with some vintage fashion from UniqueVintage for the dress and Esty.com for the necklace.

Red and yellow are colors one would commonly see at a fair. I thought this bright canary colored table linen and shoes would be an unexpected way to showcase the hue.  For flowers, I adore poppies. They are the perfect pop of red and classic simplicity.

For food, I wanted to highlight some of the best parts of going to a summer fair. Gourmet hot dogs and cotton candy are just a couple of ways you can jazz up your wedding menu. The popcorn machine is also a nice and unexpected touch that will keep guests happy and your ambience very carnival appropriate.  And don’t forget about the adorable cake!

To set the tone, these amazing hand made custom invitations are available from Cloud Nove’s very own invitation designer, Carolina! This particular suite is called “Sagamore”. 

To add a bit of vintage-chic romance to the evening, I love these luminaries.  They’re a great addition to the glass bottle centerpieces that I found.

Finally, Cloud Nove sells these amazing mini vintage style red gumball machines as favors.  What a better way for your guest to remember your special day?

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