- Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Notes from an Intern

From intern Kate:

Recently, a very good friend of mine got engaged. Once the rush of unicorns and butterflies settled and she realized how much work she had to do, the panic set in. For the past couple of weeks I have been acting as her “bridal encyclopedia”.  When her fiancĂ© called in a panic about the budget, she came to me. When she couldn’t name a single dress designer and didn’t know where to start, she came to me. It has been very fulfilling being able to offer advice and suggestions and to point her in the right directions.

One thing I worried about when I began my first internship was that my opinions, my “style”, and my wedding dreams would fog my visions for brides or interrupt my ability to gauge what’s best for them. Making inspiration boards every week has dulled some of that worry for me but this experience with my friend has breathed a new life into planning for me. This hobby that started as simple curiosity is growing into a passion and hopefully into a career.

My boyfriend recently came to me and informed me that his friend was also newly engaged and had asked my boyfriend if I could offer advice on anything. I was elated.

Last week I was able to attend my first “final detailing” meeting for one of our brides. The bride was awesome, calm, and seemed so genuinely happy to have our assistance. Regina was excited and so was Patryk, the other fabulous intern assigned to this wedding.

I am looking forward to more weddings, more detailing, and more experiences through Cloud Nove and beyond.

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