- Friday, May 11, 2012

The Man Shower: Beth's Inspired

From intern Beth:

Everyone thinks of bridal showers in a literal sense. It is a time to “shower  the bride” with gifts. In recent years, many of my guy friends have been getting married. While I love their fiancees, I wanted to get  a bridal shower gift that he would enjoy. Here are five gifts (of various prices) that shower the guy’s guy with best wishes:

1)    Gift Card to someplace he appreciates

If he is your friend, you’ll know what he likes. I have had great success with Netflix. If you’re stuck, think about restaurants, airlines (honeymoon is coming up), massages, electronics stores and, last but not least, a website like Amazon.com. Some other good places are stores like Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, American Express or Home Depot.

2)    … Of the Month Club Membership

We aren’t talking Clark Griswold’s “Jelly of the Month Club”. There is Wine. There is Beer. There is Chocolate. There is Hot Sauce. There are Cookies. Check them all out!
3)    Tickets to something to get the couple’s mind off the wedding
Get the couple tickets to a sporting event, a Broadway play or a concert. A lot of times, the couple may be trying to keep spending to a minimum. Give them a chance to blow off steam during the stressful wedding time.
4)    Grill or some other manly cooking item

There is something primeval about grilling that most men lost. There is something about sharing the cooking  that I love.  Think about other things like deep fryer or a sandwich maker. However, your groom could be like my brother and then anything from Calphalon would do.

5)    Kegerator

They come in all shapes and sizes from the countertop model that holds a 5 liter mini-keg to the one tap half keg to the three tap model.
Happy shopping for all the lucky grooms!

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