- Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Do's and Don'ts From Intern Kate

From intern Kate:
This week I wanted to do something a little different. Many brides find inspiration for their wedding day look from Hollywood, be it movies or celebrity weddings, from tv, books, magazines, other friend’s weddings, etc. Many times brides accomplish their goal from looking at these different pieces of inspiration. However, there are many people who completely mess it up. I would like to show you the difference between a success and a failure for you wedding day look.

Situation 1: You were inspired by the perfect tone of Jessica Simpson or Eva Longoria’s skin on their wedding days.

Unfortunately you ended up over doing the sun and instead of a sun kissed glow you ended up looking like a Blood Orange.

Situation 2:  Kate Middleton dazzled in her gorgeous gown on her wedding day, but she is a royal after all and she had the tiara to prove it. You also would like to feel like the heir to the throne on your big day. 

When looking for a tiara like Kate’s, try something pretty and simple, like this beautiful tiara from AllBridalTiaras.com.

Avoid looking like a cast member of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.

Situation 3: Gwen Stefani caused a stir in the celebrity bridal world when she donned a two-tone bridal gown when she married Gavin Rosedale. 

Famous-for-not-much British celebrity decided to jump on the colored wedding dress trend as well, and didn’t quite hit the mark with her bridal look…

A more appropriate way to pull off the colored-dress look looks a bit more like this dress from one of my favorite and rather unknown designers, Chrissy Wai-Ching.

Situation 4: Fergie showed a bit of cleavage at her nuptials to John Dumel. With a body like her’s, she had to show a little skin! But, in true bridal fashion, she pulled it off with elegance. 

And not like whatever this woman is doing…

Cleavage is best when it’s subtle, like is this dress from Jenny Packham.

Situation 5: You’re a fan of sparkle and bling. Almost every designer has a dress with some sort of fabulous bling and dazzle to it. This dress is a favorite of mine from Pronovias for their 2013 Collection Preview. 

Don’t make the same mistakes this woman made and do too much sex and not enough class, do much bold and bling, and not enough subtlety.

Happy dressing everyone!

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