- Thursday, April 5, 2012

Weekly Notes from an Intern

From intern Patryk:

With Week 13 coming up you would think it would be a bad week for me, but it actually was a great week! I regained inspiration for the week and can't wait to show you what I came up with. As for my experience, this past weekend I was able to attend the Lynch wedding and help assist Regina in any way possible. It was my first wedding as an Intern and I was super excited. 

When I first got there I was little scared because I wasn't sure how the Matre’ D would be like, but it turned out that Bill was so nice and helpful. He even taught me how to pin a boutonniere, I never knew how to do it properly. The wedding was great, I was expecting it to be crazy and stressful, but it was a breeze. It felt very natural to me to be there with a smile on my face and ready to help! 

The happy couple looked amazing as did the entire bridal party. It was interesting to be behind the scenes just making sure things were going smoothly and following the timeline. Cannot wait to see what the next wedding brings!

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