- Friday, April 13, 2012

A Vineyard Theme: Patryk's Inspired

From intern Patryk:

My inspiration this week was to go with a wine/vineyard themed wedding. We probably all have seen something here and there, but I wanted to put my ideas forward as well. 

The first thing to grab guests attention is to send a lovely invitation with a cork to get the guests excited for the theme. Next which probably is decided way in advance would be the venue. Here on Long Island we have many great vineyards- I chose the Bedell Cellars Vineyard for its beautiful location and chic look. In the venue space I chose white canopies strung above the ceiling with twinkling lights just in case it’s a cloudy night you can still look up and believe you are looking at the stars.

To guide guests to their tables they would receive wine bottles with labels on them with their name and table number, bought from CNE shop. Part of the favor would be the wine bottles as well as bottle stoppers. Centerpieces can be designed to look like the ones in the picture, neat small and elegant don’t want to take up to much space on the table. A bouquet inspired by the dark red colors of red wine. The cufflinks I found are a bit pricey, but maybe the entire bridal party can chip in and buy it for the couple as a gift. For the bridal party gift, a necklace with a cork in it.

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