- Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tropical: Kate's Inspired

From intern Kate:

Summer is right around the corner and bright; vibrant colors are back from their winter hibernation. I am a fan of tropical flowers and colors. So, this week I thought I would do a tropical wedding theme.

Tropical themes can get out of hand fast and end up looking cheesy. To avoid that I tried to stick with tropical colors and tropical ideas without going over board. Candles are a great way to keep your theme romantic. Lotus shaped fuchsia pink candle holders and multi-colored paper lanterns add romance and ambiance to your reception. Bright orange is a great color and unexpected for table linens.

It’s no secret that I am a fan of White by Vera Wang. This amazing wedding dress is from her collection. It’s sexy and classic. The sheer corseted back makes it unique and fabulous.

These adorable flip flop candles make great favors to give out to your guests.

Your cake should always tie your whole theme together. Here, this amazing cake is surrounded by tropical flowers and looks nothing short of delicious.

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