- Thursday, April 12, 2012

Summer Flowers: Beth's Inspired

From intern Beth:

So you are planning a summer wedding and you are looking for the perfect flowers for bouquets or centerpieces. There are so many beautiful options, but you want something that is appropriate for the season, will stay looking healthy in heat, and does not look ordinary.

Here are some suggestions when choosing your perfect flowers:
1) Choose flowers with long, waxy stems.  Stay away from woody stems for bouquets, as they do not hold water well.  
2) Keep a spray bottle of water with you for pictures so you can rehydrate the blooms before pictures are snapped.
3) Don’t be afraid to mix standard blooms, like roses and lilies with more unusual flowers, like cockscomb and snapdragons.
4) And don’t forget about COLOR and TEXTURE!!!

 Here are some examples (clockwise):

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