- Monday, April 30, 2012

Apples: Kate's Inspired

From intern Kate:
Recently I was having a Fiona Apple marathon with my iPod and thought I should do an apple themed inspiration board! 

I love the combination of fruit and floral. Its fresh, its different, and its really pretty when done right. Peonies and green apples are a great texture and color combination that your guests won’t be expecting and won’t soon forget. You can carry that same feeling with you all day and night in your accessories, like these fabulous shoes from Lulu Townsend.

 A blush colored table linen and candles will make your centerpieces even more romantic looking. These clear and green candle holders reminded me of apples.

This great cake appears to be weaved like a basket as is topped with fresh fruits.

Finally, instead of letting all of those apples go to way, a well placed nametag and turns this unique decoration into a delicious favor.

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