- Monday, March 5, 2012

Mailing Your Invitations - Part 2

Everything you didn't know you needed to know - tips from Carolina

Did You Know?
* You can use any stamp on your mailings, not just the ones the post office is currently selling - so long as they have never been used. Be creative, sites like eBay have tons of vintage stamps to choose from. What a great complement for a rustic theme. Just take into account that the older stamps are mostly smaller denominations so you'll need more of them to cover the cost. Make sure you have room on your envelope for 4 or 5 stamps instead of just 1. Also, they won't be self-adhesive.

* The post office puts out a list of all the upcoming years stamps with their release dates. If the 'wedding' or 'love' stamps don't match your invitations choose one that does.

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Custom stamps
Always an option, to carry the theme of your wedding or look of your invitations. One important note when ordering custom stamps is to check if there is an upcoming postal price increase. When you buy 1st class stamps direct from the post office they’ll most likely be ‘forever’ stamps. Which means they are always the value of a 1st class stamp. However, if you order custom stamps online they are valued at the current rate (ex. $.45 for 1st class).

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