- Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Camo: Beth's Inspired

From intern Beth:

This week, my aunt and I were talking about how if her husband bought his own clothes, all he would wear was camouflage. That gave me the idea for a camouflage inspired wedding. Active military couples may find it cute and comfortable. Perhaps the couple that likes to hunt or maybe there is a couple out there that prefers to remain illusive on their big day. Who knows? But without further ado, I present the Camouflage Wedding.

These Michael Kors open-toe pumps in Olive Camouflage are perfect for the bride or her bridesmaids.

The groomsmen will surely love these engraved flasks as a thank you gift.

The bride can walk down the aisle in this traditional gown with camouflage accents.

Hopefully your guests will be able to find the Discerning CamouflagePen to sign the Discerning Camouflage Traditional Guest Book.

Invitations by Dawn has these lovely “Hunt for Love” invitations.

Camouflage can be incorporates into a couple’s forever with the groom’s camouflage wedding band.

This lime-green bouquet is a perfect blend of traditional flowers and rustic natural textures.

The three-tiered cake can be airbrushed to blend into the background.

The grooms and his party can wear this bow tie and vest with a traditional tuxedo.

No reception would be complete without a garter toss. This Discerning Camouflage Garter Set available from Cloud Nove.

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