- Monday, February 20, 2012

Mailing Your Invitations - Part 1

Everything you didn't know you needed to know - tips from Carolina

So you've spent the better part of your weekend stuffing your beautiful invitations into envelopes with the help of your fiancé and any other people you roped into the task. They are all neatly stacked in a box and you're thinking, "Perfect, I'll just bring them to the post office during my lunch break and cross it off my list!"

Not so fast - before you end up yelling at an unsuspecting postal employee and leave the place with your invitations still in hand - here are some things you may not have thought of…

Part 1 - Stamps
You've weighed your envelope and measured it and checked the requirements on the USPS website - not over weight or over sized, done. So you buy some lovely wedding stamps & matching return envelopes stamps. When you go to mail them they tell you it needs an additional $.04! Now you can either stick another stamp on there (which happens to be an illustration of some insects) or they can print the extra postage on a big white label in red ink and stick it along the top. Lovely.

Regardless of weight or dimensions:
* A square envelope will require extra postage.
This is because the machines the mail gets fed through do not know which way to read the addresses.
* A envelope that is not flat will require extra postage.
If there is anything in your invitation that makes it more than 1/4" thick (like a knotted ribbon) it will probably fall into this category.

Best advice - bring one completed invitation to the post office when you go to get your stamps. Have them measure and weigh it…and make sure they run it through the plastic card with the 1/4" slot to make sure it fits.

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