- Thursday, January 19, 2012

Red Riding Hood: Patryk's Inspired

From intern Patryk:
The inspiration of this week was behind one of the most famous fairy tales known to mankind, Little Red Riding Hood.

For the couple the main focus was to bring the favorite fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood to life, but not in such a high color pallet of red. The concentration behind this little red riding hood was her journey through the cold forest to get to grandma’s house. The bright colors scene in the bouquet in hues of dark and light reds would be used for the centerpiece picnic basket that Little Red holds tightly to her as to not lose anything on her travels. Wooden candles accenting the woods theme would surround the basket and represent the seeping light that goes through the thick forest. The table cloth done in a warm cider color would accentuate the brown colors of the bark from the trees.

Checkered napkins in red give off a pop of color and represent the picnic basket. The place cards are made to look like branches and the white plates are designed with acorns all tying into the forest feel. The space would be surrounded by all different sized birch wood branches to surround the guests and bring the forest feel in even more. Guests will be able to leave their wishes for the couple in a beautiful leather bound guest book pictured with trees on the front. To highlight the bride a beautiful Pear Shaped Crystal in Siam color jewelry set would be worn. The groomsman would dawn a wonderful watch with the wolf on it and the bridesmaids would have the vintage looking wolf and little Red earing set. As the reception begins to unwind and the adventure through the forest is over guests can take a piece of the forest home with them in the acorn shaped candle favor.

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