- Monday, January 16, 2012

Notes from an Intern: Patryk's Week Two

So, miraculously, all of my interns survived the first two weeks =) Here are a few notes on what they've been working on.

From Patryk:
I never realized how important social media is to a business until I started interning with Cloud Nove. I feel like that was the theme of my week. I never had a twitter account before and had no idea how it worked. So I created one and now I can proudly say I am a “Twatter” like @KathyGriifin would say. It is also so gratifying to see some of my great ideas being posted on our fabulous blog and on our Twitter account. Every time I saw something new with me on it, I would run to mom and show her my accomplishment like a kindergarten kid showing off the new picture they drew in class that day.  I’m really enjoying the different aspects that I will be learning this internship and this is just another point that really makes a difference.
Besides the fascination of all the social media sites, I’m starting to look at the world a little differently. I begin to look at clothes, jewelry and just normal day in and day out activities and seeing how I can incorporate that, into a couple’s special day. It truly is a lot of fun to start thinking and visioning this way. Also I submitted my proposed theme for our Sacramone’s event on Feb 4th, which I hope a lot of couples come to, because it is going to be a fantastic evening with great food and great wine. The excitement just never ends and truly this dream is becoming more and more of a reality.
**** You can follow Cloud Nove Events @cloudnove, and Patryk @Raccoonboy98 ****

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