- Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Notes from an Intern: Patryk's Week Three

From Intern Patryk:
“No rest for the Weary” would be a good way to sum up week three for me. The week started off with me catching strep throat and being out of commission for the first few days, I could not concentrate or focus on anything, it was not fun at all. I learned an important lesson though; a wedding planner cannot rest for too long, because his/her clients will always need them. Is it a challenge yes, but it is something you just got to focus on and push yourself through. I drank plenty of fluids, saw the doctor, took my medication and I am back up and running. So even though not many achievements were made in this week I definitely took in that lesson and it didn’t stop me from chasing my dream. I want to make that special day for someone the best it can be and if I have to suffer through a sickness gosh darn it I will do so! I’m proud to say that because it proves to me that I am dedicated and determined and not giving up on this dream of being a FABULOUS wedding planner.

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