- Friday, January 6, 2012

Notes from an Intern: Patryk's Week One

Patryk was worried he'd be fed to the lions.
I thought if I was a lion, this is what I'd look like =)
Each week I've asked my interns to write a little bit about their internship experience with Cloud Nove Events. Here's what Patryk had to say after Week One:

"I cannot believe this is all happening and what a great way to start off the New Year! I’ve started to have this dream of working on events and planning weddings since high school, but a guidance counselor would never advise me or even fathom the idea of an event planner. Now with 12 years of dreaming it becomes a reality. I have finally started to work as an intern with Cloud Nove Events.
At first I was worried what week one would bring and our kickoff cocktail that we were going to have. I being the least experienced in the bunch, I thought I was going to be fed to the lions. When I walked in and saw Regina and Kate who I got to meet for the first time, I felt like I was just meeting up with old friends. We got to know each other quickly and I felt so comfortable. Then joined by Beth we all hit it off quick. 
I feel now that these girls will be there to help me out and work together to make Cloud Nove even better. Now with week one we learned what the 6 months as interns awaits us, it may seem a little overwhelming for a new guy like me, but I am excited for the challenge and going to take things one at a time first until I’m comfortable at multi-tasking all tasks! I’ve already received great info on what blogs to look at and what to look out for, which I didn’t even know where to begin with before Cloud Nove Events. I am so grateful for this opportunity and cannot wait to update this every week with all new experiences that I learn and to show whoever may be reading this that Dreams do come true!"

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