- Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Disney's Princess and the Frog: Patryk's Inspired

From Intern Patryk:

My inspiration for this week was from Disney’s Princess and the Frog. I particularly drew from one scene where the Prince Frog and Tiana are traveling down the Bayou with the fireflies.

To get this idea into a reality there will be a lot of dark greens and purples, pulling a lot from that scene and the ending of the story where Princess Tiana’s dress is a color green. Now using Dragonflies for the Servingset, guest book and flutes brings out that dark green swamp look that we are looking for with beautiful elegance and not looking like a Louisiana swamp.  The beautifully crafted Firefly flower girlbasket brings in a beautiful yet subtle way of showing the fireflies traveling down the aisle leading you the bride to your groom. The jar of fireflies will be used as decorative lanterns throughout the space, giving that whimsical feel that the fireflies are fully surrounding you and your guests. 

For the centerpiece  I'd use a crystalized tree with hanging glass blown tear drops. Inside the glass blown tear drops would be water lilies that present the idea of the swamp and the fun idea with this is to have the guests at the end of the day be able to take them homes as favors.  The floating candles onthe bottom of the tree represent the river flow and will illuminate as the fireflies. The dragonfly table numbers in green will be used to stick with the color scheme and swamp life. The compact mirror and little frog key rings would be very cute gifts for the Bridal Party. The Butterfly unity candle the one with purple on it is a wonderful way to tie in the purple scheme.  The final and most fun thing with this theme (and if the groom agrees) is to use the Princess kissing the frog as a cake topper.

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