- Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dallas Cowboys: Patryk's Inspired

From intern Patryk:

My Brother’s and sister-in-law’s wedding happened a beautiful 5 years ago. The wedding was wonderful and at times a little stressful as I was the best man, but in the end it turned out just the way they wanted it to. Now in the back of my mind I have always wondered what if the wedding had a bit more influence from my brother and they incorporated his love for the All American football team the Dallas Cowboys. So my inspiration was to just bring a few touches of the Cowboys to my brothers’ wedding.
The bracelet adds a nice touch to show your love for the team and be a nice piece of jewelry that you can have and wear forever. The cake topper is a fun way to show the support for the Dallas Cowboys and can be customized to the couples likes. This one in particular is great because the couple also owns two dogs. The Cowboys shotglasses would be used as part of the centerpiece and used to hold tea light candles in them. The garter belt is another subtle way for the couple to show their love for the team and a great keepsake for that lucky person who caught the bouquet and now has to get it put on by the lucky person who caught the garter!

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