- Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cruella De Vil: Patryk's Inspired

From Intern Patryk:
The inspiration this week was a little selfish on my part. I have always loved the character Cruella De Vil from Disney’s 101 Dalmatians and more so the live action film then the animated version. Glen Close rocked that character, so for this week I designed a wedding keeping in mind a couple that has the same love for Cruella De Vil as I do.

Cruella De Vil is a fashion forward woman, though she may have some cruel intentions with harming animals to get to the latest fashions, none the less she still is a very fashionable woman. She loved her spots from the Dalmatian and the inspiration grew from there. For the Bride a beautiful wedding gown would be worn made by Princess Ornella. What’s so wonderful about this dress is the spots of black throughout it giving off the Dalmatian look. The bride would be wearing the jet black necklace and earring set and her make-up would be done in the Mac Venomous Villains line that tailored to Cruella De Vil. Now why should brides be the only ones to wear fur, the groom loves fur as much as the bride does and gets to wear a daring Chanel black and white fur coat. As for the bridesmaids they would be wearing cute spotted tops and white ruffled skirts to continue with the Dalmatian theme.

For the tables they will be designed by fabrics from Connie Duglin using a black pintuck fabric, surrounded by crushed romance white chairs and the napkins are in a Red Velvet to enhance the red gloves and inner jacket layer that the animated version Cruella De Vil had. To continue with the red theme the table’s centerpieces would be the glass red candelabras with white candles in them. Now all guests do not want to spend their evening at the dinner table, so a lounge area would be created where the guests can sit, relax, and enjoy a cocktail or two. For the lounge area we use the black and white wingback chairs surrounding a beautiful area rug  designed in Zebra print. Also Cruella De Vil being as vain as she is, black gothic mirrors would be hung from the ceiling using strong wires that would be surround the lounge. The bride and groom would leave the ceremony in fashion to their reception in a beautiful white Excalibur limo, which copies the style of vehicle Cruella De Vil drives. A Dalmatian inspired cake would be designed with the couple’s favorite flavors inside and for the guest favors a charming Swarovski Dalmatian Crystal to take home.

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  1. LOve that You added a makeup idea to this theme!!!<3