- Friday, January 13, 2012

A Candy Land Theme: Beth's Inspired

From Intern Beth:
I've envisioned a young, fun couple who love to play games and host a monthly game night with friends. So when thinking of a theme, I wanted to use a lot of color and be playful and young. My inspiration was Candy Land.

Bridesmaid dresses: The four colors of the gingerbread people that move along the path.
Tiara: The bride could wear a tiara similar to Queen Frostine.
Cake/ Topper: The cake will have a path from the board game circling around from top to bottom. Each tier will represent a different region on the Candyland board, for example, The Lollipop Forest, Grandma Nut’s House, etc. The topper is the Bride and Groom running happily through the game and are about to win, like excited kids.
Favors: The couple will give out candy dispensers full of their favorite wrapped candies. The names of the candies at each table can also be used as the table names. My suggestion is to have the bride and groom table be the (Hershey) Kisses table.
Guestbook: The memory box would be used instead of the guest book. Instead of using traditional blank cards that come with this box, your memories would be written on the actual cards that indicate how players move around the board.
Photobooth backdrop:  The photo backdrop is a great use of the color and keeps with the playful theme.

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