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The Finer Things in Life- 8 Questions for Someone Fabulous

Earlier this year I received an invitation from Elaine, owner of Basket-Mania, to get together for a little Q&A. When we sat down for the interview, I was so pleasantly surprised at the uniqueness of the questions - they weren't the typical "tell me how you can help engaged couples". I had such a great conversation with Elaine and quickly realized how much time, care and attention she puts into her product. I asked, "Have you ever been asked these questions?" and was surprised that not one vendor had interviewed Elaine! So I decided to turn the tables, so you can learn a bit more about this lovely woman and her wonderful company.
1. Give me your vitals and how can the pulic visit your place of business?
Elaine Langsam
Owner, Basket-Mania, New York, New York
2A) How do you describe your company?
Basket-Mania is the premier shopping destination for exclusive gift baskets known to celebrities as the go-to- gift baskets.
My company is a very pesonal gift basket company without the corporate cookie cutter baskets that you sometimes see.
2b) What is your message to your client?
When you deal with Basket-Mania,the final product is a reflection of you and what is important to include. The look and feel of it is based on what we collaborate togehter on. It is highly customized.
3) To all the aspiring entrepreneurs out there,what is the secret of your success?
You have to love what you do! Think out of the box and let your creative juices flow. Take a chance with a new idea.
4)Who are four dinner guests you would like at your dinner talble? (past or present) (historical figure,celebrity,family member) Why?
a) Oprah Winfrey- Fascinating,Creative and Complicated Woman. I would want to find out more about her secrets to success. I also know she would make me laugh. I would also ask her to teach me to make one of her Moscow Mules she always talks about.
b)Tony Dovolani- Great dancer! Wonderful dancer and seems like a lovely person! I met him briefly at a Celebrity Dance Camp in Los Angeles last year. I also took a couple of his classes. I told him that if he had not posted on Facebook about the Celebrity Dance Camp, I never would have known about it. He was so touched that he gave me a kiss on the cheek! Now,why wouldn't I want to have this lovely and creative person at my dinner table and learn about his creative force and ideas?
c)My mother- One of the most amazing people I have ever met. Not only has she been a great mom but a great friend as well. She has been a shopping buddy, an unjudgmental "ear," as well as company at the ballet.
d)Danny Kaye- When I have seen old movies on TCM,something about Danny Kaye resonated with me. He was a comic genius and it would be fascinating to get to see what he is like off the "big screen."
I can think of so many people in different walks of like that I would love to invite but I know there is no room at my table so I guess I have to stop here! My mind is racing with people from business,history,literature,etc..........
5) What is the best gift you ever received? Why?
The first one that comes to mind is the cruise I got to take with my aunt Bessie and Uncle Nat when I was eighteen. These are my second parents. Ever since I could remember they took cruises every summer and I always wanted them to take me. At age eighteen I got a big surpirse and I was taken on this amazing Caribbean cruise in a suite no less. I ate foods I never heard of,went to, and had exciting adventures. My uncle said that he enjoyed the cruise because he was seeing it through my eyes.
What a gift! (after went to: amazing places)
6) What is your guilty pleasure?
Taping The Young and Restless and then watching it with my chocolate chip ice cream
7) What is The Most Fabulous Place you ever visited?
8) What are The Finer Things in Your Life?
 This is an easy one! When you start losing people you love, it becomes very clear that family and good friends are most
vital to a happy life. They are my lifeblood,my constants and my UNCONDITIONAL SUPPORT and LOVE!

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